Under House Arrest

Chinese general Xu Caihou, then Vice Chairman of the Central Military Commission of China, attends a meeting of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in Beijing, March 13, 2012. He has been accused of accepting bribes and expelled from the Communist Party.

'We Need To Think Calmly About The Fight Against Corruption'

An ex-senior Chinese Communist Party official analyzes President Xi Jinping's campaign to crack down on both 'tigers' and 'flies.'


By Bao Tong

Bao Tong is a former top aide to late ousted Chinese premier Zhao Ziyang. He remains under house arrest at his Beijing home since his boss's ouster during the 1989 student-led pro-democracy movement on Tiananmen Square. He was former Director of the Office of Political Reform of the ruling Chinese Communist Party's Central Committee and the Policy Secretary of Zhao Ziyang.