Protesters holding mock covers of Chinese passports shout anti-Chinese slogans in front of the Chinese consular office in Manila Nov. 29, 2012.

China's Watershed Year

China 'unnecessarily' offended neighboring countries last year, causing likely obstacles to its 'peaceful rise.'


By Philip Bowring

Philip Bowring has been based in Asia for 38 years, writing on business, financial, and political issues.

Since 1992, he has been an opinion page columnist for the International Herald Tribune and The South China Morning Post.
He also contributes to, a website he founded.

For many years prior to 1992, he was with the weekly Far Eastern Economic Review, eventually rising to the position of deputy editor and then editor.

Prior to joining the Review, Bowring worked for many years as Southeast Asia correspondent for The Financial Times, covering stories from South Korea to Pakistan.

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