Fifth Day of Protests

Nearly 100 Vietnamese marched peacefully outside the Chinese embassy in Hanoi on Sunday, despite increased security following an agreement between Chinese and Vietnamese officials to settle maritime disputes.
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Vietnam and China have held separate live-fire military exercises in the South China Sea after Hanoi accused Chinese ships of ramming one oil survey ship and cutting the exploration cables of another.

The stand-off sparked a wave of anti-China protests in Vietnam and warnings from Beijing that Hanoi should not attempt to involve the U.S. in a bilateral dispute.

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from Victoria

The Chinese military power has become so strong that they can take any island they want, and will. The smaller nations need to form a Pacific-Southeast Asia alliance. Also appeal to the World Court. Get these struggles more in the mainstream news. All we hear about in the US is Obamacare this, Obamacare that!

Dec 19, 2013 12:32 AM

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