The Introduction

Cambodia will hold commune/sangkat council elections on June 4, when 94,595 candidates from 12 political parties will compete for the 11,572 seats in rural and urban precincts. The ruling Cambodian People's Party and its main rival, the Cambodia National Rescue Party, are running candidates for every seat in the 1,646 communes that make up the country of nearly 16 million people. The royalist FUNCINPEC party is running the third-largest slate of candidates, competing in 846 communes. Campaigning starts on May 20 and runs for 14 days.

The Details

12 political parties will take part in the upcoming commune/sangkat council elections

Important dates

1. April 17-May 16, 2017: Distributing voter information notice at villages in communes/sangkats

2. May 20-June 2, 2017: Electoral campaign within 14 days

3. June 3, 2017: Posting voter lists at polling stations

4. June 4, 2017: Election, vote counting, and result posting at polling stations

5. June 4-5, 2017: Preliminary electoral result announcement by NEC

6. June 25, 2017: Official electoral results announcement.

7. July 24, 2017: Re-election (if any)

Security forces deployment nationwide

Security forces for election campaign

The Articles

New Voter Registration Procedure Could Disenfranchise 300,000 Cambodians: Analysts

Citizens must apply for a certificate confirming their identities in order to vote in commune elections on June 4.

Cambodia Opposition Chief Urges Nonviolence For Candidates Ahead of Polls

He rejects recent threats of violence by the ruling CPP, saying his is the ‘gentle’ party.

Cambodia's Defense Chief Threatens to 'Smash Teeth' of Political Opposition

The army will suppress any protests of a ruling party win in June 4 local elections, Tea Banh says on Sunday.

Cambodia Election Watchdog Slams Capital Ban on Campaign Marches

The civil society group says the ban is a violation of free speech and calls for its reversal.

Cambodia’s Hun Sen Alludes to Peacekeeper Killings as Warning of Civil War

He says similar violence is likely to descend on Cambodia if his party loses upcoming elections.

US Aid Agency Awards Grant to Cambodia’s Electoral Body Ahead of Polls

The money will go towards strengthening the NEC’s work in elections this year and next.

The Map