Broadcaster of the Year in 2009


WASHINGTON, DC – Four of Radio Free Asia’s nine language services won top honors for excellence in journalism in the international competition, which included three gold, one silver and three bronze medals.

“While Radio Free Asia has consistently been honored at the New York Festivals over the years, it is deeply gratifying that the outstanding work by our staff won a record number of awards this year,” said Libby Liu, President of Radio Free Asia.  “RFA reporters work tirelessly under the most difficult circumstances to bring uncensored news to our listeners.  On a daily basis, they overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles in environments that are hostile for journalists. 

“We are inspired by this high recognition.  We will continue our quest for journalistic excellence to make an even bigger impact on the lives of those we serve.”

Information about the winners and their submissions follows:

•    Broadcaster Shohret Hoshur of the RFA’s Uyghur service won a gold medal in the Best Human Interest category for her exclusive story on an ethnic Uyghur woman in China facing a forced, third-term abortion.  International pressure resulting from the story led to authorities releasing the woman, who was able to give birth to a son.

•    RFA’s Burmese service won a gold medal in the category of Best Ongoing News Story for its excellent coverage of Cyclone Nargis, which both warned listeners of the approaching storm and, after it made landfall, helped survivors find desperately needed food, shelter, medical attention and other humanitarian aid. 

•    Reporter Ding Xiao of RFA’s Mandarin service won a gold medal in the category of Best Investigative Report for her story on a petitioner from China’s eastern Jiangsu province who was held by authorities without due process in a “law study group” detention center for disciplinary re-education.

•    Reporter Peter Zhong of RFA’s Mandarin service took a silver medal in Best Investigative Report category for his four-episode story titled “Crime without Punishment” in which he exposed the extent of Guilin’s police-run underworld through his extensive coverage on female prisoner abuse.

•    Reporter Jill Ku of RFA’s Mandarin service won a bronze medal in the category of Best Special Report for her exclusive story, which caught on audio and video Chinese police arresting a petitioner, who was being interviewed by RFA, during the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

•    RFA Mandarin Service’s Asia Pacific Report was awarded a bronze medal in the Best Newscast category for its story on Chinese lawyers attempting to file a civil lawsuit on behalf of the families of victims of the tainted milk powder scandal that left at least six infants and children dead and 300,000 suffering from related ailments.

•    Giao Pham of RFA’s Vietnamese service was awarded a bronze medal in the National/International Affairs category for his timely coverage on young Olympic protestors being arrested and beaten by police for demonstrating against China’s torch carrying in Hanoi – a story which was not covered by media inside Vietnam.

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