Listening to Radio Free Asia Broadcasts by Phone

IMPORTANT: Any problems experienced should be reported directly to AudioNow at

In partnership with AudioNow, RFA is enabling our listeners in the U.S. to use their mobile phones to listen to the most-recent language service broadcasts digitally. RFA’s in-depth, investigative brand of award-winning journalism in Mandarin, Vietnamese, Korean, Cantonese, Khmer, Uyghur, Tibetan, Burmese, and Lao can be heard anytime. Please note the following conditions:

  • Mobile callers are charged according to their personal plan. Though the service entails no extra charges, mobile phone plans per carrier apply. Callers exceeding minutes in their plans will be charged for those minutes by their mobile carriers.
  • This is not a toll free number. From land lines, normal long-distance rates apply. For non-U.S. listeners calling from overseas, the calls will be charged according to long-distance rates.
  • Skype may enable listeners overseas and in the United States to listen without entailing long-distance and mobile charges. But it should be treated as a Skype long distance call, using credits for blocks of minutes (not as a Skype to Skype call).

The complete listing of RFA in-language programming available on AudioNow is as follows: