RFA in the News (November 2008)



Nov. 18 “Chinese Mom Facing Forced Abortion Flees”

A six-month pregnant mother of two who faced a forced abortion by Chinese authorities has been freed and allowed to continue her pregnancy, according to Radio Free Asia. The case had attracted international attention and outrage. Arigul Tursun was scheduled to undergo the abortion against her will as early as today because authorities said she was entitled to only two children…


Nov. 11 “Beijing’s Stimulus Package and China's Economic Structure”

……..Xia Yeliang, an Associate Professor of the School of Economics in Beijing University, said during an interview with Radio Free Asia, “Many small and medium sized companies in China have shut down.


Nov. 9 “Making The November Meeting Work”

October has been a stressful month. First there was the news of His Holiness being taken to

Ganga Ram hospital. I overheard it when my mother-in-law was listening to Radio Free Asia (RFA) in the kitchen.


Nov. 3 “Thai TV channel warned to get its facts right about Vietnam”

Radio Free Asia reports that the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned state-owned television channel NBT about its unreliable sources which said that Vietnam has sent its troops to Cambodia to fight against the Thai soldiers along the Khmer-Thai borders.


November 2, 2008 Three Young Monks Held for Power Explosion in Markham

Three young monks have been detained on Oct 24 and 30 in connection with an explosion at a local power station on Sep 8 in Markham county of Chamdo Prefecture, Tibet Autonomous Region, reported Radio Free Asia (RFA), Washington, Oct 31


Nov. 1 “Group of U.S. scientists to visit N. Korea next year”

A group of U.S. scientists in the information technology sector will visit Pyongyang in January next year to discuss exchanges between the two countries' scientists, U.S. international broadcaster Radio Free Asia (RFA) said Saturday.