Korean Service Broadcast Contractor

RFA is seeking a professional reporter to provide broadcast journalism services to its Korean Service on a part-time contractor basis in its Washington, DC, headquarters.  Scope of work includes covering news and/or features, as assigned, aimed at the North Korean audience; incorporating multimedia, as appropriate, into reports and/or features; writing stories accurately and under deadline; adapting materials from English and other languages into the Korean language; using digital equipment to deliver clean, clear, and creative productions across media platforms; and delivering news stories and features professionally on radio or other platforms in the Korean language.

Work requirements include fluency in spoken and written Korean and working proficiency in English; ability to gather, produce, write, and present news and information clearly and objectively; knowledge and understanding of current political, economic and social conditions in North Korea and surrounding countries; ability to exercise judgment and discretion in evaluating and presenting news; and strong computer skills along with knowledge and ability to utilize online and social media in creative and innovative ways and to adapt to new technologies as they evolve.

To apply, please submit résumé along with letter of interested identifying “Korean Service Broadcast Contractor” opportunity via email to rfajobs@rfa.org.

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