News Standards & Best Practices Editor


The inaugural Radio Free Asia/BenarNews News Standards & Best Practices Editor will provide both senior-level advice and day-to-day guidance to RFA/Benar staff on the standards applied to broadcast and online content, including social media. The editor will be responsible for ensuring the application of the highest journalistic standards for RFA content on all platforms.

Primary Responsibilities of News Standards & Best Practices Editor

  • The editor is responsible for developing an RFA/BenarNews Best Practices Guide, and for regularly updating journalistic standards and practices in RFA’s Code of Journalistic Ethics.
  • The editor advises on journalistic and editorial guidelines and monitors closely whether they are practiced consistently throughout the two sister agencies, across all platforms. The editor is also responsible for proactively providing guidance ahead of big news events.
  • The editor is actively involved in editorial and production issues involving potentially sensitive and/or controversial subject matter. Where necessary, the editor will troubleshoot and oversee the publication of corrections and clarifications.
  • The editor is to work closely with the Research, Training and Evaluation team and provide advice and support on the training required to ensure the highest journalistic standards are upheld by all relevant personnel.
  • The editor works closely with the RFA General Counsel on issues that address journalistic ethics.
  • The editor will investigate instances where the RFA Code of Journalistic Ethics and other policies relating to editorial standards and conflict of interests have been violated, and where necessary, assist editorial managers and the Human Resources team in determining whether disciplinary measures are required. S/he reviews the work in question and provides expert opinion and guidance to counsel and management.
  • The editor serves as the primary content point for RFA/BenarNews on journalism standards and practices questions, including on the use of terminology and language.
  • The editor maintains contact with relevant professional associations and represents RFA/BenarNews at related professional fora.


  • 15 years of journalism experience and in-depth knowledge of the principles and methods of journalism and effective delivery of news and information programming to an international audience across various types of platforms.
  • Proven ability in navigating the terrain of ethical questions that arise during the process of news gathering, program preparation and production, and broadcasting operations in a variety of formats.
  • Strong managerial experience, possesses the knowledge and credentials to lead the team through complex issues and crises; grasps the implications of policy and procedural changes, and makes sound recommendations.
  • Knowledge of adapting RFA production elements to multimedia platforms, including but not limited to the techniques for the delivery of online news, audio and video streaming for online programming, web publishing, social media feeds and e-mail services.
  • General understanding of U.S employment laws, in order to work closely with RFA’s Training, Research, and Development team on providing up-to-date training and assessment to RFA/BenarNews’ staff, and to partner with the Human Resource team on taking disciplinary action when necessary.
  • Skill in oral and written communications; ability to communicate and negotiate with staff and Agency management to reach agreements.

RFA is an equal opportunity employer committed to workforce diversity. RFA encourages all qualified individuals to apply. If hired, the candidate must provide proof of eligibility to work in the US as an employee of RFA. RFA reserves the right to reconsider or withdraw any offer of employment to any candidate whose authorization to work in the US as an employee of RFA, or extension of such authorization, would require RFA to file or support a petition or related documentation.

How to Apply: Send résumé with cover letter making reference to “ News Standards & Best Practices Editor ” via e-mail to

Date Posted: 12/30/22

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