Statement of Radio Free Asia

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“Radio Free Asia’s Khmer Service Deputy Director Vuthy Huot, also known as Chun Chanboth, will not return to Cambodia after a weekend trip at the behest of RFA leadership. It has become clear that authorities have chosen to politicize their case against him with the aim of distracting the Cambodian people during this highly contested election season. It has also become clear that Vuthy Huot’s safety in Cambodia cannot be guaranteed nor is there any guarantee that the rule of law would be fairly applied to him. Based on these factors, RFA does not wish to put at risk both Vuthy Huot and the ability for its news team to continue providing comprehensive unbiased coverage of this important election.

“RFA maintains Vuthy Huot committed no crime. Nor did he hide his identity as a well-known reporter and interviewer for Radio Free Asia. By pursuing this case against him, despite widespread opinion that his alleged actions do not merit prosecution, authorities have only underscored the poor state of free press in Cambodia.

“RFA’s team of brave and courageous journalists will continue to bring the people of Cambodia the honest, objective, and unbiased news they expect and deserve from RFA.”

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