Burmese children write their names on notebooks while attending the Sukkahansa Learning Center in Thailand’s Tak province, June 1, 2022. Photo: Suntorn Chongcharoen/BenarNews


Students prepare to enter classrooms at the Sukkahansa Learning Center on the first day of school following a more than two-year shutdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic, June 1, 2022.


Students from Myanmar talk to their teacher at the Sukkahansa Learning Center, June 1, 2022.


A boy disinfects his classroom while other students prepare for studies following the shutdown because of the pandemic, June 1, 2022.


A teacher writes lessons on a white board for his students, June 1, 2022.


Lunches prepared by their families sit in a row as students attend a class at the Sukkahansa Learning Center, June 1, 2022.


A boy eats lunch on his first day back in school, June 1, 2022.


A girl walks across the lawn to a restroom at the edge of the Sukkahansa Learning Center compound in Tak province, June 1, 2022.