China places Lanzhou under lockdown amid fresh wave of delta COVID-19 cases

Four million people are ordered to stay home, as the government tries to get people to have a third booster shot.

China shutters China Unicom branch account after fried rice gag about Mao’s son

China Unicom's Jiangsu branch posted a recipe for egg fried rice on the anniversary of Mao Anying's birth.

International rights group will leave Hong Kong amid crackdown on dissent

The move comes as police stop marathon runners wearing the slogan 'Go Hong Kong!' from competing in the event.

Chengdu police summon, question Early Rain Protestant preacher

Dai Zhichao's apartment is vandalized and the locks jammed with glue, preventing family from getting back in.

Philippines steps up diplomatic protests to Beijing over South China Sea

The majority of diplomatic protests in the last five years have been filed this year alone.

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