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khon La from thai Lao) (Vientiane :

There was no Thai ethnic group in ancient history of China. The word thai means people in Lao language. We say thai siam,thai Lao( knon Lao) thai tai, thai neua, thai Vientiane , thai Luaung Prabang,thai Pakse, thai Dam, thai deng( tai dam, tai Deng formerly in old Lao language).

Nov 19, 2016 07:09 AM

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Pao Vang from Milpitas Ca USA :

Thai- Lao , Thai Dam, Thai Khao, Thai Lue, Thai Theng and so on ...

Are they different ?
They all have one common ancesters for these Thai , lao, and tae people. They probably have one common father and different mothers. If you test their DNA you will find out that they are all related to each other. Even brothers who share the same mother like Abel and Cain, killed each other for power or for inheritance. So when it comes to power , land , silver or gold Brother will kill brothers. Each person want to be the top guy and rule over others.

Oct 31, 2016 07:17 PM

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Lao from Ailaoland :

We shall congratulate the Nation and the China post for the articles they produced to highlight the insults made by a Thai photographer toward Lao people while covering the Vientiane moto expo.
The Siamese aggressors conquered and grabbed lands from Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia and 16 provinces from Lane Xang to form the so-called today Thailand. The Siamese proceeded to rewrite history to distort the realty and the facts, they worked hard to swallow and brainwash other group of people in order to destroy their culture and languages. They prohibited the Lao in the opposite side of the Mekong to use Lao alphabet and the Chinese don't make exception, Chinese schools are not permitted to open. The so called Thailand that they want to say land of the Thais is fake and artificial, Marshall Pork Pit Bull Songkhram took the word Tai for Thai to invent artificially the Thais pantheism. The Siamese are not Tai, but the so-called Thai Isan and citizen of Lane Na are descendant of Luo Yue or AiLao as we the Lao Vientiane are. The Siamese have no shame to call us Thai noi! we are not Thai noi as they want us to be, we are Lao or Ailao,descendant of Luo Yue ethnic group who lived in China even before the Hans who emigrated from Caspian Sea.
Thai Siam profited the Vietnam war to enrich by renting the military bases to the US air forces, and the sex industry has been well developed, Thai Siam provided the women to serve as comfort women for the Gi for money and aids. The main factors of Thailand's economy are black market, drug trafficking and prostitution said once by a French newspaper.
Thailand may be more developed than Laos economically but mentally and culturally the Thai people are far behind the Lao who are more progressive in the way of thinking. The Thai are superstitious, naive and conservative who live in the absolute monarchy under the tough outdated lese-majesty laws, the freedom and primary rights are suppressed by the junta.
Personally I support the Malaysian separatist in the south of Thailand who fight for independence unlike some of the so-called Thai Isan who don't recognize they are Lao and some time they are too proud to be Thai. Those people are too submissive accepting being a second class citizen in their own country.
The Thai enjoy to talk mockingly that Lao people eat sticky rice about what I want to let them know that the Japanese use stick rice to make sushi as well.
Right now in the kingdom , The 96 years old insane man who has been behind all of the anti-government protests that stirred up the situation for the military to stage coup to kick out the democratically elected PM is serving as regent while the crown prince is readjusting himself to the deadly air polluted capital of Bangkok from the luxurious and mundane life abroad until he is ready to become king.

Oct 19, 2016 01:55 PM

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