New law raises bar for Myanmar’s political parties ahead of general election

Sources say new restrictions make it nearly impossible for them to take part in the polls.

Two years after coup, Myanmar’s anti-junta teachers face lengthy jail terms

250,000 educators resisting the junta by refusing to do their jobs risk arrest, torture and death.

Man dies during junta interrogation in Myanmar’s Bago region

Kyaw Zin Lat’s body was reportedly covered in wounds when returned to his family.

2 years after coup, drones turning the tide for Myanmar’s armed resistance

Rebels say drones are effective, safe, accurate and require little manpower to operate.

Fighting forces nearly half the residents to flee city in Myanmar's Kayin state

Junta troops shelled Thandaung after a sniper fired on an army camp.

Army beats 2 men and a boy to death in Sagaing region

Locals say soldiers tortured the ethnic Chin all night and dumped the bodies.

Sagaing militias use hand-made guns in fight against junta rule