Long History of Tensions

North Korea’s hacking into Sony’s computer system is only the latest - if the most damaging for a private company - in a series of aggressive moves by the reclusive nation seemingly obsessed with the United States.



Rare Video Shows North Koreans Training for Military Parade
October 15, 2014
The young women practice many hours each day for as long as a year.

Rare Video Shows Malnourished Soldiers
July 9, 2012
North Korea has endured persistent food shortages, and recent reports indicate that the military is also affected.

“Major Happenings” In North Korea
April 16, 2012
Over the past week, Pyongyang orchestrated an elaborate military parade, and endured an embarrassing failed missile launch.

Rocket Launch Imminent
April 11, 2012
Defying worldwide calls to back down, North Korea has begun fueling a rocket ahead of an expected launch over the next few days.

Kim Takes Last Ride
December 28, 2011
RFA journalists discuss the funeral of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il.

Tough Challenges For Young Kim
December 20, 2011
North Korea expert Greg Scarlatoiu assesses the prospects for the nation's new leader, Kim Jong Un.

Artillery Pounds South Korea
November 23, 2010
North Korean shells hit the South in one of the worst attacks since the Korean War

Young General Reviews Troops
October 11, 2010
Kim Jong Un seeks backing from North Korea’s powerful military.

Brilliant Comrade Steps Out
September 30, 2010
North Korea has released the first images of its leader in waiting.