Hong Kong displays a unique mix of Chinese and Western cultures, a legacy of 155 years of British colonial rule and its role as a world financial center. Following its return to mainland China in 1997, it has moved forward under the banner of “one country, two systems.” Today, though, its special status has been threatened by the overreaching hand of Beijing.



Hong Kong Police Arrest Protest Leaders, Dismantle Camps
December 11, 2014
But Umbrella Revolution demonstrators pledge to continue the struggle..

Scenes From a Revolution
October 20, 2014
RFA’s Cantonese service gathered these sights and sounds from Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution.

Police brutality video sparks outrage
October 15, 2014
The outrage followed the release of video showing Hong Kong police beating a handcuffed protester.

Hong Kong Protests Surge After Government Cancels Talks
October 10, 2014
Student leaders called for a big turnout to show that the movement still has momentum.

Tents Remain, But Protesters Are Fading in Hong Kong
October 07, 2014
Talks between student-led protesters and government officials are scheduled for Friday.

Hong Kong Occupy Movement Goes on, But Numbers Decline
October 06, 2014
Protesters will meet with government officials this week to discuss their demands for free elections.

Hong Kong Protests Continue as Government Deadline Nears
October 05, 2014
Here are sounds and images from Day 9 of the student-led Occupy movement.

Speaker Rallies Crowd
October 05, 2014
Protest representative speaks to the crowd and the foreign media about the current situation in Hong Kong.

Overseas Students Show Support
October 04, 2014
Over 200 students gather outside the white house in DC to show their support for the Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Activists Stage ‘Peace Rally’ as Tempers Flare
October 04, 2014
The student-led protesters vow to continue the movement until their demands for free elections are met.

Tension and Anxiety in the Streets
October 04, 2014
Street views on Saturday October 4 in Mong Kok, an area in the Yau Tsim Mong District, on the western part of Kowloon Peninsula, in Hong Kong.

Clashes Hit Hong Kong’s Week-Long Occupy Movement
October 03, 2014
Student-led protesters say movement opponents are supported by Beijing.


On The Benevolent Exercise of State Power
October 03, 2014
A former aide to a late, ousted premier says Confucianism would find a happy home in a democratic state.

'The People Are Acting, And Heaven is Watching'
October 02, 2014
A former aide to a late, ousted premier speaks out in support of peaceful democracy protests in Hong Kong.

Chinese Leader Xi Caught in a Bind Over Unprecedented Hong Kong Protests
September 30, 2014
Chinese President Xi Jinping is caught between a rock and a hard place as protesters occupy key parts of Hong Kong in their unprecedented quest for full democracy for the former British colony.

Hong Kong Crisis Tests China's 'One Country, Two Systems' Model
September 17, 2014
Former Chinese patriarch Deng Xiaoping would be turning in his grave at the ongoing debate over Beijing's recent decision that effectively ruled out promised open elections for Hong Kong’s chief executive and lawmakers.


Hong Kong Police Clear a Protest Site
December 12 30, 2014
After a court ruling, Hong Kong police move in to remove the Umbrella Movement’s last remaining protesters. Photos: RFA

A Protest That Wouldn't Die
October 30, 2014
More than a month into the demonstrations that have at times paralyzed parts of the city of Hong Kong, signs of support for the students asking for the right to elect their leaders are still visible in several areas of the territory. Photos: RFA

The Police Intervenes
October 13, 2014
Police take pro-democracy protesters by surprise and dismantle barricades blocking traffic after chief executive CY Leung calls the Occupy demonstrations “out of control.”

Emotions Run High
October 05, 2014
On day seven of students demonstrations, the mood turns to exhaustion but also to pride.

The Movement in Pictures
October 03, 2014
Before Oct. 3, the protests were peaceful if somewhat disorganized. But what the protesters lacked in organization they made up for in creativity.

Around the World

The World Speaks Out
October 03, 2014
RFA’s audience and others weigh in through calls, email and social media.

Historical Background

History of Hong Kong
October 05, 2014
From the lease of Hong Kong after the Opium War to the return of the city to China in July 1, 1997, this chronology examines the history of Hong Kong during the 99 years of British rule and the years after the handover.

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