Xinjiang After July 5th

It has been three years since a peaceful demonstration turned deadly rocked the city of Urumqi and drew the world's attention to China's restive region of Xinjiang. After months of media blackout, China has claimed that the region is calm and Uyghurs live harmoniously alongside their Chinese neighbors. However, tensions persist and the 2009 events are far from forgotten.

Missing in the Aftermath


Background Information

Anger in Xinjiang
July 05, 2009
Ethnic tensions and resentments have been building for decades in China's northwestern Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, but few would have predicted the deadly violence that erupted in the regional capital, Urumqi, on July 5, 2009.


Beijing Stirs Ethnic Hatred in Xinjiang
July 05, 2012
Three years after riots in Urumqi, China continues to tighten controls.

Ending the silence on Uyghur repression
July 29, 2010
Uyghur voices have been crying in the wilderness. It's time to listen says Carl Gershman, president of the National Endowment for Democracy.


Xinjiang Timeline

Unrest in Xinjiang
July 01, 2010
Key events in the restive region of Xinjiang leading up to, and after, the events of July 5th, 2009.



Everything Is Getting Worse
July. 05, 2012
The President of the Uyghur American Association discusses the situation for China’s Uyghur minority three years after ethnic violence erupted in Xinjiang.

Still Seeking Answers, a Year Later

Still Seeking Answers, a Year Later
Aug. 09, 2010
A year after a peaceful protest turned bloody in Urumqui, the World Uyghur Congress calls for an investigation into the sequence of events that left nearly 200 dead.