Myanmar has plunged into turmoil since the Feb. 1, 2021, military coup. Clashes with resistance fighters occur nearly every day, 40 percent of the population is now in poverty and the junta continues to wage a brutal scorched-earth campaign against civilians.

in Myanmar’s war zone

Resistance fighters
using handmade guns

Opium production
doubles after the coup

Farmer turns to scavenging
to earn a living

Villagers salvage remnants
of burned homes


Reporting by RFA Burmese Service
Graphics by Amanda Weisbrod
Cover by Gemunu Amarasinghe
Written by Jim Snyder
Video by Lauren Kim
Text editing by Thane Aung, Nay Rein Kyaw, Kyaw Min Htun, Mat Pennington, Ginny Stein
Visual editing by H. Léo Kim, Paul Nelson, Amanda Weisbrod
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