Tibetan Election 2021

Thousands of Tibetans around the world will vote April 11 to choose a new Sikyong and parliament in exile for the Central Tibetan Administration.

Penpa Tsering and Aukatsang Kelsang Dorjee are vying to replace Lobsang Sangay, a Harvard-trained law scholar, who has served two consecutive five-year terms as Sikyong and will leave the post when his term expires in May.

Also, 96 candidates are running for 45 seats in the parliament in exile.

To run for Sikyong, a candidate must ...
check Be a citizen of Tibet
check Be at least 35 years of age
check Not have been declared mentally unsound by a court or a licensed medical practitioner
check Not have been declared legally bankrupt
check Not have been convicted of any criminal offence by any court of law
check Not have been declared disqualified by more than two-thirds majority in the Tibetan Assembly
check Not be a Sikyong or kalon who is serving a second consecutive term in office

The candidates
Penpa Tsering

Former speaker of the Tibetan parliament-in-exile.
Born in India in 1967

Aukatsang Kelsang Dorjee

Former representative to North America for the Dalai Lama. Born in India in 1968.

Their top issues

checked-red.png Resolving the Tibetan conflict
checked-red.png Working toward fulfilling the hopes and aspirations of the Tibetan people
checked-red.png Strengthening the Central Tibetan Administration and Tibetan democracy
checked-red.png Examining and publicizing China’s flawed policies on Tibet
checked-red.png Strengthening Tibetan communities by planning and monitoring settlements and providing social welfare in an equitable manner
checked-red.png Improving the financial condition of the CTA and Tibetan people
checked-red.png Preserving the religious and cultural heritage of Tibet
checked-red.png Reviewing the education policy and providing meaningful learning for youth
checked-red.png Ensuring the security of the Dalai Lama
checked-red.png Ensuring the health of Tibetans in exile with preventive and curative health programs

check-green.png Giving Tibetans in Tibet a greater voice and strengthening the struggle for Tibetan freedom
check-green.png Modernizing the CTA and creating a digital transformation and governance plan
check-green.png Achieving modern education within an uniquely Tibetan environment
check-green.png Revamping the Department of Religion and Culture, increasing funding for arts and culture and elevating the Tibetan language
check-green.png Improving the economic resilience of the CTA and Tibetans
check-green.png Recognizing and elevating the role of youth in the CTA and the struggle for freedom

The voting

The final Sikyong election will be held April 11 in 26 countries. The results will be announced May 14. The Tibetan diaspora is estimated to include about 150,000 people living in 40 countries, mainly in India and Nepal, along with North America and Europe.


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