Penpa Tsering, projected winner in the 2021 election for Sikyong, Tibet's exile political leader, is shown in a file photo.

Penpa Tsering Projected Winner in Race for Sikyong, Tibetan Exile Leader

Penpa Tsering, former speaker of Tibet's Dharamsala, India-based exile parliament, looks set to be Tibet's next exile political leader, or Sikyong.

Tibetans in Exile Vote in Final Round of Elections for Political Leaders

Rare Photos Show Evidence of Monks, Nuns Evicted From Tibetan Buddhist Center

Authorities in western China’s Sichuan province have forced nearly 3,500 monks and nuns from the Yachen Gar Tibetan Buddhist Center.

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Why Do Tibetans Self-Immolate?

Tibetan writer Woeser takes a close look at the messages in suicide notes, slogans and recordings left by Tibetans who self-immolate.

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