Anonymous says:
Oct 13, 2020 03:57 PM

I am an employee of Laos Comfort Garment Manufacturing Co. Ltd and I would like to cordially request you remove, amend, or remove the company name in the Article titled "Nearly 300 Lao Workers Strike Over Unpaid Wages at Chinese Garment Factory".

We would like to clarify that some items in said article are either untrue or without credible sources causing direct and indirect damage to company image through slander.

Item 1- Due to Covid the payment was delayed due to global travel restrictions resulting in the slower processing of bank documents and this item was communicated clearly to all staff with 1 week advance, most staff were aware of this fact and did not attend the labor arrangement. The company has tried the best to accommodate everyone and has paid half of everyone's salary on April 10 and paid all of the remaining balance on April 20, it is untrue that the company did not pay! Quote:"Hundreds of workers staged a protest last week at a Chinese garment factory in the Lao capital, saying the firm did not pay their wages for March and ignored government orders to close the factory to combat the COVID-19 outbreak."

Item 2-The company has gotten permission to work by local authorities during this period of time for staff that lived on site to work and apart from this the company has ceased all operations as according to all local regulations. Quote: “On the orders of the government, all workers from other companies stopped working and followed orders to stay home, but this Chinese company did not allow that,” she said."

Item 3- At this moment of time the company did not have 300 employees in total and it is untrue that there were 300 people in protest. For the payroll of March there were a total of 231 persons and impossible to have 300 people in attendance. However, it is true that there was an arranged group of people totalling around 40 people who came to argue the payment in two installments. Quote: "Nearly 300 Lao Workers Strike Over Unpaid Wages at Chinese Garment Factory"

Item 4- This company was registered in 2019 and started operation in January 2020. It is also untrue that we have two factories. Quote: "In 2017 the workers at Laos Comfort Garment Manufacturing Co. staged a protest over the firm’s alleged failure to pay a government mandated minimum wage and for taking large deductions from paychecks. The maker of shirts and slacks for export to China set up in Laos in 2015, and two factories in Laos."

Please kindly review the sources clearly and consider our request. Please try the best to understand that this has made the company lose many opportunities and hugely detrimental to the company image. It is also not fair especially as most of the information is false, please kindly help to rectify this article.
if need more information please contract me tell 02076226950


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