'Why Jackie Chan Is Wrong'

A Hong Kong lawmaker takes a swipe at movie star Jackie Chan.
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Jackie Chan (C) poses with Chinese actresses in Shenyang city, northeast China's Liaoning province, Dec. 22, 2012.

Hong Kong lawmaker Claudia Mo describes movie star Jackie Chan as a "wiper of shoes" after he said Hong Kong had become overwhelmed with protests. Chan said last month that Hong Kong’s citizens “curse China, scold the leaders, scold anything, protest against anything.” In comments reported by The Guardian newspaper, Chan said he thought there should be "regulations" on what people were allowed to protest about. Mo, a journalist and Legislative Council member for Hong Kong's Civic Party, explains why:

"He shoots his mouth off the whole time. It's really too funny. Here in Hong Kong, everybody calls him the 'shoe-wiper.' He is constantly saying this is no good, and that won't do, and that we must all do as we are told, that everyone must maintain stability, and that if China does well, then so will Hong Kong, and if Hong Kong flourishes, so will China. This really annoys people to hear. Young people on the Internet love to take the mickey out of him, spoofing up photos of him and so on."

"From the point of view of mainland Chinese, Hong Kong has enjoyed freedom for far too long, and we are loud-mouthed and noisy about stuff, so they are probably gloating a bit, because they think Hong Kong is getting too self-righteous, and should be put in its place."

Reported by Xin Lin for RFA's Mandarin service. Translated by Luisetta Mudie.

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Anonymous Reader

Jackie Chan is definitely a good actor, but absolutely not a libertarian. It would be better for Hong Kong if Mr. Chan will just emigrate to mainland China and there he will surely learn what he is talking about. People like Jackie Chan does not deserve to live in a free society.

Jan 14, 2013 02:02 AM

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