Radio Free Asia Responds to Cambodian Election Censorship

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June 28, 2013                                                                            

WASHINGTON, DC – The following statement from Radio Free Asia is in response to the Cambodian Ministry of Information’s directive banning all FM stations from broadcasting foreign-based news in Khmer language a month ahead of the July elections:

The Cambodian government's decision to ban Radio Free Asia and other international radio programming from FM stations during the election campaign period is the most sweeping and stunning frontal assault on media freedom in Cambodia in recent memory. The Ministry of Information's directive doesn't stem from complaints of programming irregularities, but rather is a blatant strategy to silence the types of disparate and varied voices that characterize an open and free society. Unfettered access to diverse, accurate, election information provides the foundation for fair and free elections, and Prime Minister Hun Sen's decision represents a major regression in the march towards democracy and freedom in Cambodia. Radio Free Asia remains committed to bringing objective, accurate and balanced election coverage to the people of Cambodia at this critical time and will do so on every delivery platform available.  

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