A RF-16 fighter jet drops flares during the live fire Han Kuang military exercise, which simulates China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) invading the island, in Pingtung, Taiwan, May 30, 2019.

China Flexes Military Muscle to Biden With Incursions Near Taiwan

China flies a complex array of aircraft in a record number of sorties, sending both a political and a military message.

Third High-Profile North Korean Diplomat Defected to South Korea in 2019


Ryu Hyun Woo, Pyongyang’s acting ambassador to Kuwait, fled out of ‘concern for his children.’

Petitioners Dispersed, Activists Watched by Police as Vietnam Party Congress Begins


Many vow to return to Hanoi, though, saying nothing has been done to resolve their complaints.

Cambodian Opposition Leader Should Push for a Speedier Trial, Analysts Say


Rights groups critical of police for failed investigations into assaults on CNRP members.

Investigators in Myanmar Probe Disappearance of 18 Rakhine Villagers


Police and township investigators say they will forward collected testimony to 'relevant' government departments, but can't say when.

Bangladesh: Repatriating Small Number of Hindu Rohingya to Myanmar 'Not Our Priority'


Many Hindus fled Myanmar after they were attacked by Muslim insurgents, and have said they want to return home.

Indonesian Authorities Probe Iranian, Chinese Crews of Tankers Over Oil Transfer


Some say that ship-to-ship oil transfers are common and legal, though, and that the ships if blocking sea lanes should only have been fined and not seized.

Travel Restrictions Announced at Tibetan Monastery in Gansu Ahead of Major Religious Festival


Labrang monastery's annual Monlam Chenmo prayer festival usually draws large numbers of participants, but few may be able to attend this year.

Prominent Uyghur Poet and Author Confirmed to Have Died While Imprisoned


Reports of the death come as details emerge on the sentence length of another detained poet.

China Steps up Charges Against Activists Who Called For Political Change


Xu Zhiyong and rights lawyer Ding Jiaxi are being charged with 'subversion of state power,' according to their lawyers.

Thailand Rejects New Technical Report on Large-Scale Lao Mekong Mainstream Dam


Laos says it plans to inspect all existing dams for safety every five years.

Tibetan Monk Dies After Beatings, Torture in Chinese Prison


Tenzin Nyima, also called Tamey, dies at home from his injuries after Chinese authorities release him from prison in a comatose state.

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