Protesters hold signs, in support of the town of Mindat in Chin state where a civilian defense force has clashed with the military, during a demonstration against the military coup in Mandalay, May 17, 2021.

US Sanctions Myanmar Junta Figures as Chin Fighters Claim 6 Army Troop Kills

The asset freeze hits the State Administration Council and nine members of the junta cabinet.

US Congratulates Tibetan Exile Political Leader Penpa Tsering on his Election Win


Taiwan also congratulates Tsering on his win in a message welcoming stronger ties between the Tibetan exile community and the self-governing island claimed by China.

Jailed Vietnamese Land Activist Held Under Harsh Conditions: Daughter


Can Thi Theu is staying in a cramped cell with sick inmates despite being a political prisoner.

Golden Triangle Tourist Zone in Laos a Hotbed for COVID 19


Hungry Cambodians risk health to scrounge for scrap metal as two more succumb to coronavirus in Vietnam.

Hong Kong Rights Group Leaders Say They Are Prepared For Jail


The Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China could see half its leadership in jail by the end of the month.

China's Ruling Party Cancels Maoist Gatherings on Cultural Revolution Anniversary


Websites and groups have been ordered to cancel any face-to-face gatherings marking the anniversary, as the authorities move to minimize any challenge to the current leadership.

Myanmar Junta Targets Civilians in Siege of Chin Town Where Militia Fought Back


Mindat militiamen had killed dozens of better-equipped troops in weeks of fighting.

Laos Records Second COVID-19 Death as Number of Infections Balloons


Cambodia and Vietnam also struggle with spreading outbreaks, but Phnom Penh boasts two million people vaccinated.

Cambodia’s Hun Sen Challenged to Sell Luxury Watches to Help the Poor


Critics say the long-ruling strongman is trying to boost the political fortunes of his son, Hun Manet.

Beijing-backed Drawing Contest in Turkey Backfires as Students Submit Depictions of Xinjiang Abuses


Turkey’s opposition has also called out the Ministry of Education for supporting the competition.

UN Envoy Meets Thai PM, Asks for Help in Ending Myanmar Crisis


UN envoy Christine Schraner Burgener has been in Thailand since early April to monitor the situation in neighboring Myanmar and speak to ASEAN members on how best to end the post-coup violence.

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