A money changer handles a transaction of US dollars and Myanmar kyats in Myanmar, in a file photo.

Kyat Falls to Historic Low, Signaling Lack of Confidence in Myanmar’s Stability

Prices are soaring and experts warn that the junta’s mismanagement could be catastrophic for the country.

Vietnam’s President to Visit Cuba for COVID-19 Vaccine Assistance


The once exemplary Vietnam has been brought to its knees by a fourth wave of the coronavirus.

China Survey Ship Lingers in Indonesian EEZ, Data Show


Chinese ships have been accused of harassing neighboring countries’ oil exploration activities but China always insists they are operating within China’s jurisdiction.

New Study Finds High-Level Government Role in China’s Uyghur Internment Camps


State media and documents show how Xi Jinping and other top leaders were driving forces in XUAR policy.

Southeast Asian Nations Cautious Over New AUKUS Defense Pact


“Beijing may become even more aggressive. But China reaps what it sows," says said Nguyen Ngoc Truong, a former Vietnamese diplomat.

Pro-Beijing Media Target Hong Kong Trade Union, Labor Groups in Latest Denunciations


The pro-democracy Confederation of Trade Unions appears to be next on Beijing's hit-list under a city-wide crackdown on dissent.

Anti-Junta Townships in Myanmar Fear Internet Shutdowns Signal Imminent Military Offensive


The fears come amid mass arrests in Yangon since the shadow government declared war last week.

Cambodia PM Says He Crashed Opposition Zoom Talk to Warn ‘Rebels’


The strongman called the stunt a “clear message to the rebels that there are people of Hun Sen everywhere.”

Villagers in Southern Laos Cope With Food Shortages Amid COVID Lockdowns


Residents say they are subsisting on dry goods to get through lockdowns set to run until the end of September.

Tibetan Writer Dies After Eight Years of Failing Health Following Release From Prison


Ra Tsering Dhondup was jailed for three years in 2010 for publishing writings criticizing Chinese government policies in Tibet.

Defrocked Khmer Krom Monk Jailed in Cambodia for ‘Obstructing’ COVID-19 Measures


The activist monk belongs to the Khmer Krom ethnic minority group marginalized in Cambodia, where they are often considered Vietnamese.

Vietnam Police Catch 15 Migrant Workers Hiding in Refrigerated Truck to Evade COVID-19 Checkpoints

EP036: Will the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan revitalize terror groups in SE Asia?

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