Myanmar anti-junta protesters gather in an area protected by barricades in North Dagon township, Yangon region, March 5, 2021.

Shooting Death, Raid of Protester’s Grave Spark Anger in Myanmar’s Mandalay

The body of young ethnic Chinese protester is suspiciously exhumed by military authorities after her funeral.

For Rohingya Refugees, Myanmar Military Crackdown on Protesters is All Too Familiar


Many Burmese say they now regret their former silence when the military cracked down on the Rohingya, driving hundreds of thousands across the border to Bangladesh.

Appeals Hearing For Dong Tam Land-Rights Activists Set For March 8


Family members were not informed of the hearing date, learning about it only from the lawyers representing their relatives in court.

Chinese Police Arrest North Korean Trade Workers for Illegal Gambling


With no way to make money due to border closure, the North Korean traders turned to mahjong.

Taiwan 'Will Defend Its Sovereignty' Against China's Ambitions


The island's government warns that it will respect the opinions of its 23 million people, and protect freedom and democracy.

Activist Hounded After Standing For Village Election in China's Guangdong


Tian Ruidi is currently in hiding after an intimidation campaign to get her to withdraw her candidacy.

China's Election Reforms Will Exclude Political Opposition in Hong Kong


Ruling Chinese Communist Party officials say Beijing needs to close off loopholes allowing 'hostile foreign forces' to disrupt Hong Kong's political life.

Illegally Harvested Timber Sold ‘Under Cover’ in Attapeu Province in Laos


The timber, harvested illegally years ago and hidden in the forest, is being mixed with timber from trees felled in a 2018 flood and dam disaster, sources say.

Uyghur Textile Entrepreneur Dies Days After Release From Xinjiang Internment Camp


Kurbanjan Abdukerim had lost more than 100 pounds while detained over a three-year period.

Xinjiang Labor Transfer Scheme Constitutes Crimes Against Humanity: Report


New documents show that the ‘poverty alleviation’ scheme aims to thin out minority populations.

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