A person unsuccessfully attempts to access the internet in Myanmar, in an undated photo.

Anti-Junta Townships in Myanmar Fear Internet Shutdowns Signal Imminent Military Offensive

The fears come amid mass arrests in Yangon since the shadow government declared war last week.

Villagers in Southern Laos Cope With Food Shortages Amid COVID Lockdowns


Residents say they are subsisting on dry goods to get through lockdowns set to run until the end of September.

Tibetan Writer Dies After Eight Years of Failing Health Following Release From Prison


Ra Tsering Dhondup was jailed for three years in 2010 for publishing writings criticizing Chinese government policies in Tibet.

Defrocked Khmer Krom Monk Jailed in Cambodia for ‘Obstructing’ COVID-19 Measures


The activist monk belongs to the Khmer Krom ethnic minority group marginalized in Cambodia, where they are often considered Vietnamese.

China Slams 'Irresponsible' Three-Way Security Pact on Nuclear-Powered Submarines


A Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-backed paper quotes a military source as saying the move could make Australia a nuclear target.

Myanmar Villagers Destroy Chinese Fence Amid Border Dispute


Northern Shan state villagers say Chinese authorities encroached on Myanmar territory.

Electricity Bill Boycott Denies Myanmar Military US $1 Billion in Power Revenues Since Coup


Customers say they believe the junta would use the money to maintain power instead of help the nation.

North Korea Tests First Ballistic Missiles Since March


The tests occurred during a South Korean weapons test, a Chinese diplomatic visit to South Korea, and a denuclearization strategy meeting in Tokyo.

Vietnamese Call For COVID Relief, But Rebuff Government Requests For Donations


The policy of the Communist Party and the government is to exhaust people’s resources, says a health expert from Hanoi.

Lao Investors in Pyramid Scheme Await Repayment as Government Sells Company Assets


Four years after company executives were jailed, investors say they still have not received back any of their money.

Indonesia Sends Navy Ship to Tail Chinese Survey Ship, Data Show


The Indonesian government has been under immense domestic pressure to protect national interests.

Vietnam Police Catch 15 Migrant Workers Hiding in Refrigerated Truck to Evade COVID-19 Checkpoints

EP036: Will the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan revitalize terror groups in SE Asia?

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