The two sides discussed counterterrorism issues and the peace process in Afghanistan.

We Must Win This Trade War at All Cost

China says it was raising tariffs on a wide range of U.S. imports in retaliation for President Trump’s increase.

Trump Tweets Rattle China Trade Talks

President Trump has taken to Twitter over the U.S.-China trade dispute.

Journalism is Not a Crime

RFA cartoonist Rebel Pepper created these images to mark World Press Freedom Day 2019.

China Belt and Road Spins Web of Debt

The initiative has sparked fears that China is exporting unsustainable levels of debt. The plan seeks to create new rail, road, port, and energy infrastructure linking China with Europe, Africa, and other parts of Asia, at an estimated cost of around U.S.$1 trillion.

Tibet’s Panchen Lama, Then and (Perhaps) Now

The image on the left is the only known photograph of the Panchen Lama, Gedhun Choekyi Nyima. He has not been seen since Chinese authorities took him into custody when he was six years old, shortly after he was chosen as the 11th reincarnation of the Panchen Lama, a top lama in Tibetan Buddhism. This week is the Panchen Lama’s 30th birthday. RFA cartoonist Rebel Pepper has conjured an image of what he might look like now.

China’s Huawei Sues US Government

The Chinese telecom giant is arguing that the US Congress violated the Constitution when it banned government agencies from buying Huawei equipment. The US government alleges that Huawei equipment could be used to spy on Americans.

Xi Against the Rhinos

President Xi Jinping faces economic threats on all sides as China opens its annual legislative sessions.

My Precious

The U.S. is urging allies to exclude Huawei from 5G networks. But Western countries disagree on the security threat posed by the use of equipment from the Chinese telecom giant.

Sweden Recalls China Envoy After Article by Detained Bookseller’s Daughter

In the article, Angela Gui described a meeting with Sweden’s ambassador to China Anna Lindstedt during which Gui was told not to speak about the case of her father Gui Minhai. Sweden says the meeting was unauthorized. Hong Kong-based publisher Gui Minhai, who has Swedish citizenship, has been detained in China for more than three years on suspicion of “leaking state secrets overseas.”

China’s State-Run Media Rally Behind Fired Canadian Ambassador After Huawei Remarks

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fired his ambassador to China, John McCallum, after McCallum said it would be “great” if the U.S. dropped its extradition request for top Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou. Meng is wanted for questioning by U.S. investigators over alleged bank fraud.

‘Don’t Lose!’

China and Russia back Venezuelan leader Nicolas Madura in a political standoff with self-proclaimed president Juan Guaido, supported by the United States and many European Union nations.

‘We Must Guard Against Major Risks!’

Under the rule of President Xi Jinping, China’s economic growth has slowed to its weakest pace in nearly 30 years.

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