Interview: 'What My Husband Did Was For The Sake of The Nation. I Always Supported Him.'

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Bou Rachana stands in front of an image of slain husband Kem Ley.
Bou Rachana stands in front of an image of slain husband Kem Ley.
RFA/Sideth Cheu

Since Bou Rachana’s husband, the popular government critic and scholar Kem Ley was murdered on July 10, the country and the family have been struggling to come to grips with his death. While the government has arrested a former soldier for his murder, there appears to be little confidence in the ability of authorities to solve the crime.

In an interview with the RFA Khmer Service journalist Chun Chanboth of the RFA Radio Call-In Show on Friday, Bou Rachan, who is six-months pregnant, discussed the difficulties the killing has caused for her and her family, their need for closure and their desire to see Kem Ley’s work continue.

RFA: Have you received any update from the authorities regarding their investigation into your husband’s murder?

Bou Rachana: No, I haven’t. Since the day my husband died, I have not received any news from the authorities.

RFA: Have you been approached or informed by the authorities at all?

Bou Rachana: No, I haven’t. Not even a single bit!

RFA: Do you think you would like for the authorities to give you access to the security camera videos that may show his death?

Bou Rachana: Yes, I do. I would like the authorities to give me access to the security camera footage so that I can see the murder.

RFA: Have you made that request to the authorities?

Bou Rachana: No, I haven’t yet. I couldn’t manage to do so for I had been too overwhelmed with the funeral.

RFA: Will you make such request in the near future?

Bou Rachana:  Yes, I will.

RFA:  Please describe for us your life 25 days after your husband’s death.

Bou Rachana:  I am still very shocked and saddened. I am missing him so dearly.

RFA: What about your kids? I heard that one of them wanted to commit suicide. Is that true?

Bou Rachana: All my kids are missing their father so dearly. None of them has returned to school yet. My third son wanted to commit suicide after he felt very sad for the loss of his father. He used to receive love and care from his father and he doesn’t get that any more.

RFA: What do you do to help them deal with that situation?

Bou Rachana: I have asked them to be strong for their future. Now that their father is no longer with them, I encouraged them to concentrate on their studies so that they can follow their father’s footsteps.

RFA: Are you afraid to let them follow their father’s footsteps?

Bou Rachana: No, I am not. What my husband did was for the sake of the nation. I always supported him.

RFA: Do you want to find out who is behind the murder?

Bou Rachana:  Yes, I do. I would like to call on the government to find justice for us.

RFA: Do you think you will find a lawyer to help you with this?

Bou Rachana: I haven’t thought about it yet for I have still been too overwhelmed with his loss.

Translated by Nareth Muong.

Comments (2)

Anonymous Reader

I agree we all must stand up and call Hun Sen's regime a "Savage Regime". Because that is what his regime is. This new regime call won't exist if it wasn't from Hun Sen's ruthless leadership for the past 30 years. By the way, no leader is the history ever ruled a power for over 30 years. Only Hun Sen passed Guinness World Record for ruling the looooongest. If Hun Sen is offended by the new regime's name, he has to step aside and let all Khmer to have an opportunity to live and choose their own destiny freely. People are living in constant fear under this regime except his small in circle group of people and the Hun's families.

Still, I wouldn't want to accuse Hun Sen himself threatening people and murdered many intellectual such as Dr. Kem Ley, but his barbaric People Party and the Hun's families did it for him. To all my beloved Khmer, please remember that Hun Sen doesn't own this country. Cambodia is owned by all Khmer national. Cambodia is not just loved by Hun Sen, or Hun's families and his Barbaric People Party. This beautiful country is loved and worshiped by all Khmer inside and abroad. All Khmer have the responsibility to protect this country for our next children before it's gobbled by the neighbors.
I have seen enough the type barbaric leader he is. Look at what happened to Vladimir Putin's critics (Russian President). Just google it, you'll see hundreds of people were murdered by gun shot from criticizing his leadership style. And Hun Sen is No Different.

Aug 12, 2016 07:32 PM

Anonymous Reader

I hope your kids continue school and finish higher education.

Aug 10, 2016 12:59 PM





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