HK activist Agnes Chow ‘considering’ asylum in Canada

Her remarks came a day after she announced her departure from the city to pursue education in Toronto.

From ER doc to wild-card presidential candidate: Taiwan's Ko Wen-je

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Pneumonia, bird flu, other outbreaks prompt concerns of new contagion in Asia

Few events have affected states’ security and prosperity more than a pandemic.

Congress hears of Beijing’s ‘discourse power’

Even US companies, scared of being frozen out of China’s huge market, are toeing its political line, experts say.

Former 'white paper' protester describes torture in police custody

After fleeing China, Huang Guoan is applying for political refugee status in New Zealand.

Hong Kong journalist incommunicado, feared detained in Beijing

South China Morning Post reporter Minnie Chan is unreachable after an assignment in October.

Clashes erupt between supporters and protesters during Chinese president’s U.S. visit