North Korea

Kim Jong Un’s daughter has a new lofty title

Kim Ju Ae is now the ‘Morning Star of Korea’ a title once used by revered national founder Kim Il Sung.

N Korea closes diplomatic missions in Bangladesh, DR Congo: reports

Pyongyang claims these shutdowns are a normal part of the business of sovereign nations.

N Korea claims new satellite took photos of White House, Pentagon

But the claim is still under question due to a lack of supporting evidence.

N Korea restores armed guard posts along border with the South

Pyongyang blames U.S., S Korea for inter-Korean deal termination.

US, allies impose sanctions on N Korea following satellite launch

The move comes after Pyongyang last week successfully launched its first reconnaissance satellite.

S Korea, Japan, China fail to set summit date, condemn N Korea

The lack of consensus shows widening gaps between the three neighbors.

First views of North Korea's Kim disembarking armored train in Russia