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Sai Lin Kan :

The UN was becoming the proxy organization of the OIC after the Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein was elected to the UN High Commissioner for the Human Right Office. The OIC had infiltrated the UN organization by its agent Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein. The purposed of Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein elected to the UN High Commission for Human Rights Office was to manipulate and create destabilize in the Rakhine State using by the UN Human Right High Commissioner Office.

The UN must have investigated about the relation between the Islamic terrorist group the ARSA leader Ataullah Abu Ammar Junun and the OIC and former the UN High Commissioner for the Human Rights Office, Zeid Raid Al Hussein.

Who has created the ARSA terrorist group?

Who was the mastermind of the ARSA terrorist group attacking on the Burmese Border Guards and innocent civilians in 2017?

Who has advice the ARSA to attack the Burmese Border Guard Posts and Police Station timing with the UN General Assembly and the UN Security Council meeting?

Why the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) did not denounce seriously on murdering of 100 innocent Hindu villagers (children, women and men) because they had refused to convert Islam religion faith?

The UN investigation was biased and the conclusion was based on Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein’s reporting that was fabricated and manipulated by Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein and his hand-pick the UN staffers. The OIC, the UNHCR staffs, NGO staffs and the ARSA had taught the refugee children and women how to answer and talk to the international reporters. The children talking about they were shooting from Helicopter when they fled to Bangladeshi border. It was totally lying because the Military didn’t use Helicopter when the Security Force went to find the Islamic terrorists in the villages. The ARSA had ordered the Bengali villagers to burn down their home before flee to Bangladeshi border when the UN was waiting for refugees.
The OIC and Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, though they can force the Burmese Government and the Burmese Military to accept the UN monitor a Safe Zone for the illegal Bengali migrants now in the refugee camps in Bangladesh by using the UN and the UN Security Council as well as the media.
Now the reputation of the OIC and former the UN Human Rights’ Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein was in tatters because they have created the homeless for the illegal Bengali migrants by creating the Islamist terrorist group the ARSA and attacked on the Burmese border guard Posts, Police stationa and Buddhist villages. Also, the Islamic terrorist group the ARSA was killing the Bengali leaders who opposed to them in refugee camps. The OIC dream of creation of the UN monitor a Safe Zone for Bengali Muslims in northern RAkhine state will be definitely fail because the Burmese peoples, Government and the Military will never accept creation of Safe Zone for illegal Bengali migrants and will fight off any foreign armed force invasion into Burmese sovereignty.
Burmese Government had announced and repeatedly told to the UN about the Burmese Government will resettle the Bengali Muslims in Rakhine State but they must proof their grandparents were born in Rakhnie State, Burma. The OIC and the UN did not want to accept the Burmese Government’s terms and conditions for resettlement program for Bengali Muslims from Refugee Camps because most of Bengali Muslims were moved illegally into Rakhine State not long ago from the Bangladesh and not as century as written by the media and also they are not the indigenous people of the Rakhine state as the UN declared.

The UN Chief was doing as what the OIC and the former UN Human Rights High Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein told him. The UN reputation was in tatters because the organization was becoming proxy organization the OIC. The reputation of Burma and Buddhists are already damaged by the former UN Human Rights High Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein. There will already be biased and no neutral investigation of Rakhine crisis because they have read the fabricated report from Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein. Buddhist Rakhine, Buddhist Burmese and the Burmese military were guilty before going to court. Burma is a sovereign country and Burmese people will not be tolerated foreign interfering in the Burmese domestic affair. Burmese Government is doing its best for those Bengali Muslim refugee resettlement in Rakhine State, but remember Burma was not the wealthy country. If the OIC wants to build homes for Bengali Muslims and then the OIC must build for all refugees including Hindus, Buddhists and Christians. The OIC wants to build only for the Muslim is not honest assistance to Rakhine state. We Buddhist believe in Karma. One day, the world sees the truth. Nothing can be hidden forever. Now the majority of Bengali refugees from Bangladeshi refugee camps want to come back to the Rakhine state, but the UNHCR and the OIC are stopping them to return to the Rakhine state, Burma. They lost trust in the OIC and Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein as well as the UN. If the UN wants to sort it out the Rakhine problem and then they give up discriminating against the Buddhist Burma and cooperate with Burmese Government and recognize former the UN Human Rights High Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein’s report was in fact fabricated and do not let manipulate by the OIC and Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein.

P.S, I'll be very much appreciated if you do not edit it.

Apr 04, 2019 04:21 PM

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