Bangladesh: Nobel Laureates Urge Myanmar Leader to End Rohingya Abuses

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Nobel Laureate Tawakkol Karman of Yemen reaches out to a Rohingya woman during a visit to a refugee camp in Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar, Feb. 26, 2018.
Nobel Laureate Tawakkol Karman of Yemen reaches out to a Rohingya woman during a visit to a refugee camp in Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar, Feb. 26, 2018.

Three Nobel laureates on Monday denounced what they described as genocide unleashed by Myanmar’s military against the Rohingya, and urged fellow Peace Prize recipient Aung San Suu Kyi to wake up or face prosecution before the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The three women laureates – Tawakkol Karman of Yemen, Mairead Maguire of Northern Ireland and Shirin Ebadi of Iran – spoke out while visiting the refugee camps in southeastern Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar district during a weeklong trip that started over the weekend.

“This is what genocide is about,” Maguire told reporters. “This is clearly, clearly, clearly genocide that is going on by the Myanmar government and military against the Rohingya people.”

“We refuse this genocide policy of the Burmese government,” Maguire said. “They will be taken to the ICC, and those who are committing genocide will be held responsible.”

Karman appealed to Myanmar’s de facto leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, “to wake up, otherwise she will be one of the perpetrators of this crime.

“If she couldn’t stop all these crimes, she has to resign now,” Karman told reporters.

Myanmar has repeatedly denied allegations that its security forces committed widespread rape against women and killings as part of a campaign described by the United Nations and the United States as “ethnic cleansing.”

Nearly 700,000 Rohingya refugees have fled Rakhine state since August 2017 at the height of what the Myanmar military called “clearance operations” targeting insurgents involved in attacks on security outposts.

Maguire said that every woman they interviewed claimed to have been sexually assaulted, with many of the refugees saying they had witnessed the killing of relatives.

The trio took turns lambasting Myanmar.

“We are calling for those who are perpetrators of the crimes to be accountable,” Karman told reporters. “It is the shame of the international community; they are silent against this genocide.”

“The cause of all these crimes is the government of Burma,” Ebadi said, referring to Myanmar by its old name. “The Myanmar government must be punished.”

Meanwhile, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said it had documented gut-wrenching stories from refugees who fled into Bangladesh, with survivors describing systematic mass rape, murder and the burning down of entire villages.

In addition, HRW on Friday issued satellite images showing the demolition of deserted Rohingya villages in northern Rakhine state in recent months, Radio Free Asia previously reported.

Citing the images, HRW said the government had used heavy machinery to clear all structures and vegetation in at least 55 villages, most of which were among 362 villages completely or partially destroyed by arson during a military crackdown that began in late August.

Reported by BenarNews, an RFA-affiliated online news service.

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Sai Cliff Lin Kan

I'll be delighted if they go to the ICC about illegal immigrant Bengali peoples fled to Bangladesh and genocide base on fabricated story manufactured by cash trap poor refugees and the UN Human Rights' Commissioner. The truth can reveal at ICC if the ICC is neutral and nonpartisan.
These three Nobel laureates are disgraceful and disrespectful as they have threatened to Daw Aung San Su Kyi with ICC.

These three Muslim Nobel Laureates are crazy to think they can scare Daw Aung San Su Kyi with ICC. They should learn about Daw Aung San Su Kyi before they try to scare her.
Daw Aung San Su Kyi scares, nothing because she does nothing wrong and does not break any Human Rights of illegal Immigrant Bengali peoples.

Do they think the Muslim life is valuable than Buddhist, Hindu and Christian’s life?
All human lives are equal and same value as another.

The Burmese Army has saved ten of thousand of Buddhists and Hindus lives in Rakhine State by fighting off against the Islamic terrorist group the ARSA. Burmese Army is doing an honorable job. The illegal immigrant Bengali Muslims fleeing to Bangladesh is not Burmese Military fault. They want to go back to the where their parents came from.

Those illegal immigrant Bengali peoples are disgraced and they don’t appreciate to Buddhist Rakhine peoples and Burmese Government for hosting them in Rakhine State, Burma.
The British Colony Government had brought 30,000 Bengali Muslims from India as farm workers. The Bengali Muslims illegally enter and settle in Maungdaw and Northern Rakhine during and after British Colonial rule.
Another major illegal settlement of Bengali Muslim was after East and West Pakistan civil war. The Bengali refugees refused to go back newly independent Bangladesh.
Burmese Government took the initiative with operation Dragon King to stop illegal settlement by Bengali Muslims from Chittagong region, Bangladesh in 1978.
However, the illegal settler Bengali peoples were coming back once the operation was finished.
If you want to know the truth about whether those Bengali peoples are native of Rakhine State or from Bangladesh and you should ask Hindu and Kaman Muslim peoples. They will not lie you and they will tell you the true identity about so called Rohingya. The Hindus are also former East and West Pakistan civil war refugees and their parents did not go back to Bangladeshi. They were left behind by India Government when it repatriated Hindus from Rakhine State.

I don’t argue about some so called Rohingya Bengali Muslims have Buddhist Rakhine mother and they have Rakhine and other Burmese ethnic blood. The Buddhist Rakhine women were forced to convert to Islam religion. Those Rakhine women come from poor peasant families and you can say they were bought by a Bengali man who gave money to poor parent for their daughter.
Buddhist Rakhine ethnic and other Buddhists were portrayed as racist, murderer and evil peoples by foreign Journalists and HRW.
They do not give the Burmese Government right for defending its citizen slaughter by the Islamic terrorist group the ARSA.

The biased international media, the UN, OHCHR, HRW and the OIC are encouraging the Islamic terrorist group the ARSA to do terrorist activity in Rakhine State.
The UN Human Rights; Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein and the OIC want to establish a Muslim state by initiating with the UN monitor a Safe Zone.
The ARSA’s terrorist activity in Rakhine State was backing the OIC and Middle East religion organization.
Why the UN and the EU are deaf and blind about the true identity of the so called Rohingya?
The former the UN Chief Ban Ki-moon had recognized illegal immigrant Bengali as Rohingya even though he had received the evidence from his advisor. He knew the Rohingya is in fact Bengali ethnic from Bangladesh.

Also the UN is failing to recognize the ARSA as terrorist group even thought the evidence of mass slaughtering of Hindu men, women and children. The ARSA act like ISIS and force Hindus to convert to Islam religion and the Hindu men, women and children were killed because they didn’t convert their belief to the Islamic religion. These Hindu men, women and children died like a martyr.

If these three Muslim Nobel laureates, the UN Chief and Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein (the UN OHCHR) think they have the higher moral ground and ethical standard than Daw Aung San Su Kyi and other leaders and I will reply to them, they did not possess “great grounds to be virtuous’.
They are already corrupted by ignoring of the truth.

Mar 01, 2018 02:24 AM





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