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Sai Cliff Lin Kan :

The UN Human Rights' official allegation to Burmese Government continuing carrying out ethnic cleansing against illegal immigrant Bengali peoples is absurd and lied. The Bengali peoples are still leaving for Bangladesh as their own wish and no one has forcing and threatening them to leave the Rakhine State, Burma. The refugees will lie to get aid and money from official and the journalists.
The ethnic cleansing was never happening in Rakhine State or other parts of Burma.

The UN Human Rights’ Commissioner Office is biased and campaigning hatred against Buddhist Burma. The Rakhine problem was started by the UN’s creation and invention of new ethnic identity for illegal Bengali immigrant in Rakhine State, Burma. The former UN Chief Ban Ki-moon thought if the UN has recognized the illegal immigrant Bengali from Bangladeshi as a native ethnic minority in Rakhine state and then Burmese Government and peoples have to accept illegal immigrant Bengali peoples their own.

Ban Ki-moon was short sighted and didn’t see the problem. The prominent leading political and activist Burmese Muslim U Mya Aye has blamed Ban Ki-moon for recognition of illegal immigrant Bengali peoples as Rohingya ethnic. He said those so called Rohingya Bengali Muslims are not ethnic minority of Burma and they are illegal immigrant Bengali Muslim from Bangladesh. The Bengali Muslims are trying to bond with other Burmese Muslims. The Buddhists and Muslims communal violence in Burma was the result of Ban Ki-moon recognition of illegal immigrant Bengali as Rohingya ethnic.
The illegal immigrant Bengali Muslims and other Buddhist Burmese ethnic in Rakhine state have no big problem between them before Ban Ki-moon recognized the illegal immigrant Bengali peoples as Rohingya ethnic of native Rakhine. The Bengali so called Rohingya leaders have sought help from Middle East Governments and Islamic religious leaders for to establish a Muslim state in Northern Rakhine State, Burma after the UN recognized them as Rohingya ethnic.
The UN involvement in Rakhine state does not help because the UN officials are dishonest and they always blame on Buddhists for the problem. They see Muslims as saints and they blind-eye and ignored the crimes committed by Bengali Muslims. The Buddhist Burmese peoples see the UN as biased organization and its standing for Muslims and discriminating against Buddhist peoples.
The Bengali Muslims left for Bangladesh as their own wish but the UN Human Rights official has accused the Burmese Government for continuing ethnic cleansing against so called Rohingya Bengali Muslims. I do not surprise about Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein’s deputy use of ethnic cleansing words because he has to carry out his boss’ order. The UN Human Rights' Commissioner is using ethnic cleansing words to benefit of Muslims and Islam religion.
The UN, HRW, foreign journalist and Western Governments are scared of speaking out about truth and cowardly carrying out attacking Buddhist Burmese peoples and Burmese Government for the behalf of Governments from Middle East.
They are portraying Buddhist Burmese peoples as evil and racist peoples. Now I avoid telling my Burmese ethnic identity if someone asked me where I come from. I’ll tell I’m Thais instead of Burmese because I afraid of attacking by Muslims. They are becoming deputy to the OIC. They are morally and ethically corrupt peoples. They have no integrity whatsoever.
The British Government siding with Bangladesh Government and so called Rohingya Bengali Muslim is shameful and obnoxious. The British Government should be neutral and helping to sort out the problem which the British Government created.
The British brought Bengali Muslims into Burma and allowed Bengali Muslims illegally settled in Buthitaung and Maungdaw area in Northern Rakhine state, from the British India while the British were ruling Burma. The British Government has secretly planned for to take away Chittagong Hill Tracts and Manipur from Burma, prior to the British give Burma. The British Government had tried to divide between majority Burmese ethnic and other ethnic minority groups before giving independence to Burma. The civil war has broken out in Burma and Burmese peoples have lost General Aung San and other 7 Burmese independent leaders as a result of the British Government’s dirty job.
I have no doubt about Burma will become closer to China and Russia lead block.
The Russian and Chinese Governments are protecting and defending Burma at the UN Security Council. The allegation against the Burmese Government brought by the UN Human Rights’ Commissioner Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein at the UN Security Council meeting was false and he has fabricated ethnic cleansing, raped and massacre stories to convince the UN Security members for to establish the UN monitor a Safe Zone for illegal Bengali Muslims. He and the OIC have bigger plan for to create a new independent Muslim state in Northern Rakhine State.

The UN, HRW and foreign journalists are misleading peoples around the world by spreading and publishing misinformation about Rakhine state.
They have ignored the Islamic terrorist group the ARSA and illegal immigrant Bengali villagers attacking on Buddhists and Hindus villagers. The Islamic terrorist group the ARSA and Bengali Muslim villagers are committing war crimes by carrying out rape, kidnap, and murder against Buddhist Rakhine and Hindu villagers, but the UN Human Rights, HRW, the OIC and foreign journalists are surprisingly silent about the crime committing by the ARSA and Bengali Muslim villagersIt looks like the Islamic terrorists are giving the green light by the UN Human Rights, the OIC and the foreign journalist and they give the ARSA Islamic terrorists permission to carry out attack on Buddhist peoples in the Rakhine state.
The UN has forced Burma to accept so called Rohingya Bengali Muslim as native Burmese ethnic of Rakhine state. Now the UN Human Rights’ Commissioner and the OIC are trying to establish the UN monitor a Safe Zone for illegal immigrant Bengali in Northern Rakhine State by using all dirty strategies. Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein is not giving up about his plan for establishing a Muslim state in Rakhine state.

Mar 07, 2018 01:22 PM

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