Vietnam officials monitor funeral for head of banned Buddhist church

The Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam was effectively banned in 1981 when it declined to join the state-sanctioned church.

Vietnam lawmakers pass law creating new grassroots security force

Neighborhood-based members will wear uniforms and will supplement full-time commune police officers.

Vietnam, Japan upgrade relations to highest level

The move comes as Asian nations seek to strengthen and de-risk supply chains that have relied heavily on China.

Thai police arrest 11 Montagnards near Bangkok

The move is a concern to thousands of Vietnamese in Thailand.

Vietnamese rescued from Myanmar casinos stuck in war zone

In a video, they ask Vietnamese officials to intervene so they can return home.

Former prisoner of conscience Nguyen Viet Dung flees Vietnam for Thailand

‘If I stayed in Vietnam, I would have faced a lot of difficulties, and could be rearrested at any time.’

Vietnamese stranded in Myanmar war zone plead for help from Vietnam’s government