Anonymous says:
Jul 22, 2015 12:59 PM

Lies, damn lies and statistics.

Sad to say, over ten thousand did most likely lose their lives. But this article is complete trash. It takes 172,000 killed as the baseline "official" number. If you read Nguyen Minh Can's article, its clear where the number comes from. Some nobody named Vo Xuan Minh decided that in Dang Phong's volume, 172,000 represented the number of executions. Dang Phong's volume said no such thing. RFA and Nguyen Minh Can report this outrageous lie as an "official admission".

I won't even comment on the idiotic 200-900,000 figures. Why not 2 million? How did North Vietnam even survive as a country after all this? Yet North Vietnam did survive, and defeated the most powerful country on earth.

Sorry, you lost your stupid war, killing millions in the process. You can't retroactively declare victory by pulling number out of your rear ends.

Anonymous says:
Jan 24, 2016 02:51 PM

Please remember that the Vietnam War was planned, initiated & conducted by Ho Chi Minh and his communist party. It was actually a terror war, starting with land mines on country roads, throwing grenades into theatres & farmer markets, bombs under bridges, shooting rockets into schools, assassinating people who do not believe in communism and dislike Viet Cong, etc... The South Vietnam fought the War to defence the democracy and freedom for the Vietnamese people in the South, and to prevent the spreading of the Communism. The actual winner of the Vietnam War was China, not North Vietnam; and the actual looser of the War was Vietnam, not just South Vietnam.
The South Vietnam may lose the battle to defend its territory but they succeeded in stopping the Communism from spreading to South East Asia. After the end of the Vietnam War, communist parties in Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia were wiped out because Asian people saw the true face of the communism.
The real Vietnamese people understand the War this way, only people who were brain washed by Viet Cong believe the War was to fight USA and to liberate Vietnam.

Anonymous says:
Jul 29, 2015 04:32 AM

My father lived thru this communist land reform when he was about 14-15 years old. He remembered it very clearly. One day, the communist cadres showed up in his little village, làng Miễu, and drag out the richest man in the village. He was rich becacuse he had 2 buffaloes and a few more hectares of land than everybody else, but he sleep on the ground in his grass hut house just like everbody else. They put him in the center of the village and forced everybody to throw stones at his head until he died. After that they took his land and threw his family and children out into the street and made them homeless. After a few days, they found out that there were now another richest man in the village, and they killed him too. They pulled the buffalo and made it stomp on the man's head until he died. They took his land and house and divided among themselves. Every night they made everybody attend re-education classes on communism, and they would bring out the dead men's homeless children and use that as an example of why capitalsim was evil. My father said he sat in the back of the class and thought how hypocritical of them, but after a few weeks, even he forgot how those children were made homeless in the first place. My grandfather told my father to get married and escape to South Vietnam in 1954. He was the only brother in his family to have escaped the communist. His own brothers became soldiers and some had died in the war fighting for the communists. This is a true story. Ho Chi Minh's land reform genocide was a copy of Mao's genocides.

Anonymous says:
Aug 04, 2015 05:20 PM

just want to leave this here:

Still images from this FICTIONAL MOVIE are frequently posted as HISTORICAL PHOTOS of the land reform:

Ronald Reagan said it best: "Trust but verify."

Anonymous says:
Oct 30, 2016 03:42 AM

I read Hoang Van Chi's detailed study of North Vietnam's Land Reform Campaign more than 40 years ago and found it very convincing. The numbers he alleged were at least a large as those suggested in this article, and the categories of the victims he posited very similar. Chi's credentials appeared outstanding, as he had been an active Vietnamese nationalist all his life, having served the Viet Minh from 1946 until 1954, and the Diem Government only 5 years, leaving Vietnam to become an independent writer and critic in 1960. The remainder of his life, Chi remained a beacon of honor and concern for his tortured country, trying to find a way for it to progress. His analysis of Land Reform was challenged almost immediately by half-baked American would-be scholars whose own accomplishments arguably came nowhere near to his own. I've never become convinced that he erred in his analysis. Almost certainly, it is his critics who erred. The mode of operation which Chi alleges for the leaders in North Vietnam at that time mirrors precisely what had been done both by the Soviets in the Ukraine in the 1930s, and by Mao Tse-Tung in China just a few years before. Chi alleged the presence of Chinese advisers actually on the scene to help direct the process, and it mustn't be forgotten that Ho had been closely associated with both the Soviets and the Chinese for years before he took charge of the Viet Minh movement itself inside Vietnam. The main purpose of the land reform alleged here is clearly identical to that of both the other actions I mentioned, Soviet and Chinese: not to give land to needy peasants, but to atomize any possible centers of resistance by breaking them down economically. It was a political rather than economic purpose, and - as in the Soviet and Chinese cases - it had its desired result. It parallels the Soviet-inspired massacre of the leadership of all opposition parties which Ho carried out in 1946. So, when the Communist-dominated Viet Minh were ready for the next stage in their aggregation of centralized political power, there was no one left to object. Victory complete. Ho later 'apologized' for 'errors,' but there weren't any. The whole thing was carried out in complete cold blood - an illustration of the Vietnamese saying 'kill a chicken to teach teach the others.' Everyone got the message: shut up and do what you're told. And they did. Thank heavens we have Hoang Van Chi and his book to tell what really happened. Rest in peace knowing you did your best for your country, Mr. Chi.

Anonymous says:
Aug 19, 2014 02:18 PM

What's a shameless lie. Northern Vietnam's population at that time was only 15 mil and this article estimated 900,000 people were killed in land reform :) What's a joke. If it's true, how could Northern Vietnam still send that many people to fight against US....
Listen to my own grand father's story: he himself were accused in those time but were not sentensed, his possesion were later returned to him (but not all lands). In his suburd, there were only 3 people were killed during that period. Even if we assume 5 people killed per suburb on average, there would be 50 people killed in a province, and at that time Northern Vietname included about 10 provinces, so it would make the number of 500 people died. Use you mind don't just make up number.

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