Transcript of the conversation with Xue Ma in English


Omer: Dear radio listeners, according to Parhat Yasin, three Chinese secret agents from the Public Security Bureau contacted Parhat last year. The first caller’s name was Cheng, who was the director of Ghulja Public Security Bureau. The second time, Ms. Xue Ma called him and the third time Xue Ma, who called himself "Nurtay," called Parhat. "Nurtay" was fluent in Uyghur. In 2004, Xue Ma called Parhat Yasin and advised him to work for the Chinese government. Xue Ma told Parhat that he would get passports ready for Parhat’s wife and children if Parhat worked for the Chinese government and showed some performance. Xue Ma advised Parhat to fax his brief biography to the Chinese Public Security Bureau as well as his activities in the U.S. including other Uyghur people’s political activities in the U.S.

[Conversation in Uyghur]

Xue Ma: Did you think about your situation?

Parhat: Yes. I did and I thought about it a lot.

Xue Ma: Thought a lot?

Parhat: Yeah. Solve my problem first. First let my children and wife go.

Xue Ma: We cannot do that. We must start from you first. If we do not, what can I do? No reason to do that.

Parhat: How can I do that without seeing my wife and children, Xue Ma? Err, what can I do without seeing them. Xue Ma: Let’s do that.

Parhat: Yeah.

Xue Ma: First, you write down first. Err, you, do not, do not have to write down their names.

Parhat: No, I will not.

Xue Ma: Write…

Parhat: No, will not.

Xue Ma: You, err, Uyghurs..

Parhat: No, I cannot do that.

Xue Ma: …Otherwise…

Parhat: No, I …

Xue Ma: That…

Parhat: No.

Xue Ma: Just write down…

Parhat: Err, write, err, not to write, I have nothing to be afraid of, writing or not. I have no problem.

Xue Ma: Yeah.

Parhat: Err, first, my family…

Xue Ma: Yes, start our business here?

Parhat: Oh, yeah?

Xue Ma: You work for us first. Then, err, if you have, err, if you do not write, what can I do now?

Parhat: What thing?

Xue Ma: Any condition? Err, other condition?

Parhat: What condition?

Xue Ma: You?

Parhat: What? I did not understand. Say it in Chinese?

Xue Ma: Did not understand?

Parhat: Say in Chinese. Say it in Chinese.

Xue Ma: It is that, err, now, see… I, err, you think about it well, ok?

Parhat: Yeah.

Xue Ma: You think about it again. But if you report first, then, there is a benefit, err benefit?

Parhat: A benefit? Yeah, first [I] see my wife and children first, ok?

Xue Ma: Can we do that?

Parhat: Yes?

Xue Ma: I will start processing your wife and children’s passports soon.

Parhat: Oh, yeah?

Xue Ma: Then, you work, work for us.

Parhat: Err, no. Work. I cannot see you processing the passport. I will start working on the day when my family arrives here.

Xue Ma: That, err, told you. Err, it is a good opportunity. From this opportunity…

Parhat: What…

Xue Ma: The opportunity. What would you do later?

Parhat: What… this….

Xue Ma: This first… like last time…

Parhat: I…

Xue Ma: Work immediately for us. If you have other things….

Parhat: Will do… Without seeing anything?

Xue Ma: So, it is an excellent opportunity. No idea if [you will] have any chance like this later. I will first get your child’s passport ready.

Parhat: Ok. Yeah.

Xue Ma: Get ready.

Parhat: Yes. Ok.

Xue Ma: After it is done, then, I will find a way for your wife’s passport. Then, I will call you to say, "Hey, it is Xue Ma and I’ve got the passport. What cotton [wrong word, probably meant to say "benefit." He mixed up the word cotton (pahta) with benefit (payda)] you have for us?" Isn’t it good…

Parhat: I… I…

Xue Ma: if the passport is ready?

Parhat: What? Getting the passport ready is one thing. I am talking about getting out the country.

Xue Ma: Hey, Parhat?

Parhat: Yeah.

Xue Ma: Have you told your friends?

Parhat: No. Did not tell anyone.

Xue Ma: Do not tell, ok?

Parhat: No, no. I will not.

[Recording ends here]


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