Min Ko Naing, a Myanmar democracy activist and 88 Generation Students Group cofounder, speaks at a ceremony commemorating the 30th anniversary of an uprising against a former military junta, at Yangon University in Yangon, Aug. 8, 2018.

‘The Dictators Will Not Have Good Days Forever,’ Says Veteran Myanmar Activist

88 Generation Students Group leader Min Ko Naing says big plans are afoot to counter the military junta.

Myanmar Junta Kills Scores of Protesters in Bago, Decrees Death Penalty for 19 in Yangon


‘Our country is now like North Korea,’ says one man about a military-imposed internet shutdown and news blackouts.

China Turning South China Sea Supply Ships into Mobile Surveillance Bases


The Chinese government is leveraging civilian assets to pursue its national security interests in the South China Sea, a common practice under China's strategy of 'military-civil fusion.'

Cambodian Civil Servants Ordered to Take Chinese Coronavirus Vaccines or be Fired


They don’t trust the vaccines, which have yet to be recognized by the World Health Organization.

US Special Envoy: Restoring Democracy in Myanmar Will Ease Bangladesh's Rohingya Burden


Bangladesh asks for US help in repatriating the Rohingya who have crossed into the country as refugees.

UK Offers Shelter to Deposed Myanmar Ambassador After Junta Loyalists Seize Embassy


Home Office condemns embassy takeover but stops recognizing Kyaw Zwar Minn as ambassador

Interview: "People in Taiwan Are Much More Vigilant"


Kaohsiung municipal councilor Huang Jie survives a bid to unseat her after challenging a pro-China mayor.

Lao Pastor Held for More Than a Year for ‘Disrupting Unity’ Has Been Released


Sithon Thippavong had refused local authorities' demand that he cancel a church service and renounce his Christian faith, leading to his arrest.

China in New Push Against Dalai Lama Photos in Kardze


Authorities threaten criminal penalties and loss of state support for Tibetans found in possession of the banned images.

Wife, Daughter of Jailed Changsha Rights Activist Arrive in US


Shi Minglei says neither she nor the couple's five-year-old daughter can now be used to threaten her husband.

Hong Kong Warns Countries, Groups Not to 'Harbor' Political Refugees


Anyone aiding opposition politicians or activists overseas will 'eventually bear the consequences,' the government warns.

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