RFA a Five-Time Winner at 2023 New York Festivals Radio Free Asia won 5 awards at the 2023 New York Festivals TV & Film and Radio Awards. Winners were announced at the virtual Storytelling Gala on April 18th.
Photo: RFA

RFA a Five-Time Winner at 2023 New York Festivals


Mandarin and Korean Services, and 歪脑 | WHYNOT Net Top Honors

WASHINGTON—Radio Free Asia’s (RFA) Mandarin and Korean Services, as well its online global Mandarin brand 歪脑 | WHYNOT, took home five awards at last night’s New York Festivals Storytelling Gala. RFA’s Mandarin Service and 歪脑 | WHYNOT each received two medals, with RFA’s Korean Service winning one. The recognized projects examine topics such as the trauma women endure under China’s “one-child” policy, the challenges Chinese adopted children face, the physical and emotional scars of Korean War POWs, and the work of Chinese political cartoonists amid the CCP’s crackdown on dissent, among other issues.

“Congratulations to the fantastic teams of RFA Mandarin, RFA Korean and 歪脑 | WHYNOT,” RFA President Bay Fang said. "Their determined journalism delves into such complex, human issues as the toll of China's birth restrictions and the legacy of the Korean War, as well as spotlighting creative political expression amid censorship.

“These winning projects exemplify RFA’s greater mission of bringing answers, empowerment, and accountability to people living in repressive places.”

Details on the RFA winners follows:

In addition, four other projects from RFA’s Mandarin and Korean Services and 歪脑 | WHYNOT were listed as finalists.

Other winners at this year’s competition include The Washington Post, NPR, BBC, and ABC News. The New York Festival TV & Film and Radio awards is a yearly competition honoring work from over 50 countries that mirrors today’s global trends.