Lao assembly rejects SEZ bill

Lawmakers say the draft law wasn’t specific enough about how zones would be governed.

Asia's communist regimes are breaking their intergenerational social contracts

China, Laos and Vietnam have set aside norms on power transfer and kept elders in charge.

ASEAN’s rotating chairmanships should be scrapped for a troika system

ASEAN would be more effective and show more unity on crises with greater continuity between one year and the next.

16 Lao workers trafficked to Myanmar casino back in Laos

The workers say they were held against their will at the Chinese-run Kosai Casino.

Pneumonia, bird flu, other outbreaks prompt concerns of new contagion in Asia

Few events have affected states’ security and prosperity more than a pandemic.

China hosts joint drills amid tensions in South China Sea

The Philippines is not taking part in the Aman Youyi military drills between China and 5 ASEAN nations.

Mekong River island inhabitants to be relocated to make way for resort, golf course