Lao business owners decry the shuttering of money-changing shops

The central bank wants greater control of currency in order to fight inflation, kip’s devaluation.

To tame inflation, Laos orders closure of all money changing shops, import limits

As inflation rises to nearly 40%, authorities have banned import of some vegetables, eggs, pork, beef

Laos needs more teachers, but budget cuts mean new hires can’t fill gap

The number of civil servant jobs has been steadily shrinking amid economic woes.

After 3-year hiatus, Lao Elephant Festival to be held in February

The event is meant to stress the traditional ties to animals and highlight their endangered status.

US signs agreement to help Laos fight illegal logging in protected forests

But some say providing arable land to poor families around forests would be better approach.

Just 100 people enter Laos on first day of China border reopening

The country is hoping to see the return of Chinese visitors who once made up 20% of foreign tourists.

Mekong River banks erode at rapid pace