More than a dozen Rohingya die when boat capsizes off Myanmar coast

About 90 people, including women and children, were aboard the boat heading to Malaysia

Biden unveils US Indo-Pacific economic plan after summits in Japan, South Korea

More countries join the president's Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity.

Myanmar junta tribunal sentences 7 youths to death in Yangon

As of March 11, army tribunals in the Yangon region have sentenced more than 150 people to death or life in prison.

Myanmar junta gets effective diplomatic downgrade as a result of military coup

Ambassador postings are on hold at some Western missions in what opponents call a rebuke to the regime.

Thousands of homes burned by soldiers in Myanmar’s Sagaing region

Many victims have been forced to live in tents in the forest as the rainy season starts.

Conflict between Myanmar’s proxy forces may outlast a political resolution

Violence is creating bad blood between the groups, whose fighters are often residents of neighboring villages.

China’s border restrictions hard to swallow for Myanmar’s sugarcane growers

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