Myanmar anti-junta protesters march through a neighborhood in the central Myanmar city of Mandalay, April 12, 2021.

Tens of Thousands of Residents Flee Bago in Wake of Assault by Myanmar Security Forces

Soldiers and police demand payments from families of the dead to retrieve their bodies, locals say.

Philippines Hosts US for Scaled-Down Joint Military Drills


Philippine and US military officials begin talks about the presence of Chinese ships in the South China Sea, especially within the Philippine Exclusive Economic Zone.

North Korea Mobilizes Women to Solve Construction Labor Shortage


Pressed to deliver 10,000 houses by year’s end, authorities drag women away from their familial responsibilities to work at night.

Hong Kong Launches 'National Security Education' Campaign in Schools


Teaching materials ignore the arrests of dozens of peaceful dissidents and pro-democracy lawmakers under the law.

Chinese Political Prisoner Dies Amid Suspicion of Torture, Mistreatment


Guo Hongwei's family warned as early as 2019 that he was likely to be 'bullied to death' in prison.

‘The Dictators Will Not Have Good Days Forever,’ Says Veteran Myanmar Activist


88 Generation Students Group leader Min Ko Naing says big plans are afoot to counter the military junta.

Ethnic Army Alliance Kills 14 Myanmar Police in Dawn Raid as Death Toll Mounts in Bago


Police "were lying dead here and there in the compound, and we had to collect the bodies and prepare them for transport to Lashio,” said a aid worker.

Myanmar Junta Kills Scores of Protesters in Bago, Decrees Death Penalty for 19 in Yangon


‘Our country is now like North Korea,’ says one man about a military-imposed internet shutdown and news blackouts.

Turkish Court Rejects China's Request to Extradite Uyghur Religious Teacher


Abduqadir Yapchan was released after being under house arrest since 2016 on specious terrorism charges.

China Turning South China Sea Supply Ships into Mobile Surveillance Bases


The Chinese government is leveraging civilian assets to pursue its national security interests in the South China Sea, a common practice under China's strategy of 'military-civil fusion.'

Cambodian Civil Servants Ordered to Take Chinese Coronavirus Vaccines or be Fired


They don’t trust the vaccines, which have yet to be recognized by the World Health Organization.

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