Dalai Lama not a ‘separatist,’ Tibet’s exile leader says

The comment comes after visit from a U.S. diplomat prompts a rebuke by China.

Top US official meets in India with Tibet’s Dalai Lama

The two discussed protecting Tibet’s ‘identity’ under Chinese rule.

US government’s special coordinator for Tibetan issues to meet with Dalai Lama

Uzra Zeya is in Dharamasala during an official visit to India and Nepal.

Tibetans forced to move to make way for Chinese power plant

Tibetans living in a monastery and nearby village have been ordered to relocate ‘regardless of the cost’

Top U.S. diplomat for Tibetan affairs visits refugees in Nepal

More than 5,000 Tibetans refugees live in limbo after Nepal stopped issuing ID cards in 1995.

Bridge in disputed territory between China and India sparks concern

Some local Tibetans say they are worried about Chinese soldiers in their area.

China forces demolition of Tibetan school in Sichuan Province

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